Yearly report – 2022

Another interesting and demanding business year is coming to an end. We feel very fortunate to have customers who really challenge us to co-develop new support concepts. Let us briefly describe some handpicks of what 2022 has meant for us.

Usually COD supports workshops, trainings and conferences connected to our customers strategy planning, culture change and way of working to secure execution of decisions. Basically, we sometimes act as a temporary staff for the very important process of enabling the organization to achieve their deliverables. The logic behind is that if you expect different results from the performance of an organization you should consider a different way of working.

During the recent years numerous representatives of the companies that we work with have asked for support to their people who are not likely to be in workshops or trainings with COD. The requirement being that they should also have access to the way of working and understanding of the logic behind. Therefore, we have launched the COD E-Introduction which is a web-based support tool for an organization to spread the word and knowledge about how to work in the COD way. It has become a solid part of our portfolio and it is used by approximately 3000 individuals worldwide. A number that is steadily growing.

Throughout the very difficult years 2020 and 2021 the only way available for us to support our customers was by using online tools. This forced us to change our identity of being a classroom-based support consultancy to become digital. As a consequence of hard work and strong development efforts within COD we have arrived at a stage where our support comes with MS Teams platforms designed to secure the application of the trained ways of working and the execution of the results obtained in workshops. MS Teams has changed purpose for some of our customers and instead of being a meeting tool it is now used as a collaboration and execution platform. 

A company culture will only become reality when every member of an organization has the desired mindset and knows how to contribute to it. Therefore, our portfolio was also expanded with the COD@shopfloor and COD@agile during 2022. We have co-designed ways to change operational work structures and meeting flows with our customers manufacturing and service units. With this addition to our portfolio, we are now able to support all levels from top management to production lines with highly efficient meetings to make decisions and secure their execution. 

Also, one of the great highlights during the past year has been to expand our customer base and the fact that the percentage of business generated in our home market Sweden is steadily growing.

We are very satisfied with the new team members who have joined us during the year. Everybody in our team works with focus and dedication to bring our customers business forward. Following our LinkedIn feed, you might have seen that the number of testimonials given by customers has also been increasing. All in all, this makes 2022 a very rewarding year.

Actually, we could stop here, reflect for a moment, and allow all of us to feel proud about the work we have been asked to do with so many leaders and their teams. So therefore, just a very short outlook of our next business year.

In 2023 we look forward to work more with post-merger integration processes. Some of our customers are very successful in attracting new companies to join them. The challenge remains to integrate their people into the culture, strategies and ways of work that has made the welcoming company successful. 

We also anticipate that more organizations will use their company development as proactive tool to secure a collaboration and execution focused business culture. Instead of supporting divisions or departments that do not deliver according to given KPIs it is in fact today more common to address the issue before. And of course, it is much easier to retain existing co-workers and to attract experienced and talented new colleagues to a company that proactively supports all units and people. 

We are currently looking for new colleagues to join COD. We foresee that our business will continue to expand in 2023. A mix of background, experience and skills in our team will allow us to grow with our existing and new customers. For example, concerning language we now have more than half of our team able to lead workshops in German.  

Finally, we forecast that more leaders will understand the need of a concept that secures to get the right things done in the right way on all levels. Their plans are only as good as the execution, which totally depends on the acceptance and the ability of team members to contribute. 

Allow us finally to thank everyone who we have met and worked with during 2022. The interaction with you is always a source of learning and development for us. With this in mind we wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year. 

Björn, Robert and the entire COD team.           

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