About CoD

COD is disruptive

Because it’s designed to replace conventional methods. Giving orders to people, or teasing them with goals and KPIs, is no way to manage your co-workers. A generally held view is that companies need a solution which increases involvement and accountability, boosting enthusiasm and drive. No organization wants passive employees and non-ownership – a consequence of heavy handed leadership. Fewer still appreciate egotism, sub-optimization and internal competition, the inevitable result of management by objectives.

Leadership is based on insights, behaviors, skills and workflows which need sharpening in order to give rise to mastery. All of us, given the right tools, can contribute to an environment that promotes efficiency and proactiveness. COD has the solutions to help you create a company culture that gives your business a lasting edge.

Explaining your strategy may seem like a good idea.
Hint: it isn’t

Employee Strategy – which is dependent on change-oriented co-workers – is a tricky challenge. Many in leadership positions want to succeed by attempting to explain their strategy – in the hope that people can repeat it or, preferably, understand it. None of the above will achieve the desired result. Instead, the success of a process should be measured by the actions and behaviors attributable solely to the strategy in question. Focus, then, must be on supporting both team and individuals to identify and execute their own strategic actions. COD has the solutions.