Our customer’s challenges

During the last 25 years we have been privileged to support great leaders in many different businesses to handle their challenges. At first the challenges were mostly very specific depending on the type of business. During the latest years challenges are becoming more generic, meaning that almost every company is somehow affected by them.

Here are some of the challenges that we recognize companies in different businesses are facing today. Obviously, this is perishable goods, meaning that companies need to carefully monitor their markets, competition and technology development to enable themselves to proactively adapt.

Robotics and automation

Find people with knowledge of the customers process to avoid the commodity trap.


Accelerate the development of new disruptive technologies without destroying existing business models.

Service and installation

Find well educated and experienced people, develop and keep them

Public sector

Generate common understanding and collaboration between different parts of the organization.

Steel and materials technology

Proactiveness and proximity to companies which are technology drivers.

In general, all organizations are struggling to secure that their people are working with the right questions, meaning the ones that will close the gaps which are crucial for success. And then there is the issue of securing that their people work in the right way, which includes involvement and participation by all members of the team.

All our clients are proactively addressing the matter of culture change towards a shared mindset on people that includes the view that all people…

  • Want to do their best
  • Want to belong to and contribute to a great teamwork
  • Develop and learn from others
  • Take responsibility and initiative to drive their part of the business

Also, all companies that we work with want to proactively involve their people on all levels in the strategic development and daily operational work.

Finally, they all understand that leadership and collaboration is a standard process. In fact, the most important standard process of a company since it is the tool to secure standardization of all other processes. 

Success in finding qualified and talented people is totally depending on the work environment that a company can provide. No one is willing to sacrifice this opportunity by allowing leaders to work according to their personal preference.

Finally all companies are struggling to get closer to their existing customers and in particular to companies which are yet buying from competition. The idea that this is a sales and marketing issue is outdated. Instead it is about bring the entire organization closer to the market.

Turning the eyes the other direction, lack of components, increasing transport prices, electrification, climate change challenges, increasing inflation rate, are multiplicators to other challenges and aks for new ways of thinking and working.  

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