Why mindset is fundamental for success

A corporate culture cannot be decided, it is ultimately constructed of the sum of our individual mindsets and consequent behavior. Our mindsets are a set of thoughts and beliefs that influences how we think, feel, and behave in any given situation. A mindset can make or break your business – a positive one can boost your business to new levels of productivity and profit, while a negative one can be very harmful and only act as an obstacle to success.

Our mindset is affected by what we learn from experience and interaction with people around us, and can be seen as a choice, a deliberate decision of how to see ourselves and others. All of us have the ability to decide upon and train our own attitude or mindset.

At COD we strive to support our customers to create an optimized work environment, in which people can do a better job. Everyone fundamentally wants such a workplace where they can perform at their best, be committed, help one another, and achieve set goals. Outdated mindsets where employees are regarded as unwilling, ignorant, irresponsible, and lacking drive, create conditions which limit the potential for the company’s profitability and ability to attract the best workforce.

The way of working affects all employees’ mindsets and thus the organization’s culture. COD’s working methods for meetings, coaching and support structures influence both the leaders and employees who use them. This results in a modern corporate culture. By design, the methods improve people’s views of one another and grow their willingness and ability to solve problems through collaboration. The new mindset is built as everyone learns better ways to interact. The work is made more efficient. Consequently, diversity, involvement, and commitment become real benefits instead of empty buzzwords. The working methods are therefore the key to shaping an attractive work environment that optimizes the conditions for people to be able to perform at their highest level.

Leaders have a central role to play in building this COD mindset, they need training to start leading employees in a more involving and engaging way of working. Employees additionally need training to change their behaviours created by authoritarian and goal-oriented cultures. It is likely that old habits will come back on occasion, so here too, patience and discipline are of the utmost importance. Our mindset is highly affected by perspectives, our beliefs, attitudes and biases naturally affect the way we process information and experience the world around us. How we intend to perceive people is a choice that everyone needs to take, especially those with differing opinions, to support cooperation and development. Therefore, a positive view of one another becomes an important personal choice. To jointly seek solutions to the most important problems is an essential mindset, needed to create a good environment for cooperation.

Mindset is one of the most important factors influencing success, your beliefs and thoughts have a direct impact on the way you behave. The most important actions when creating a positive and engaging mindset is to focus on inviting, listening to, and respecting people with complementary perspectives. From here, the team can work together to find common solutions to the most important issues and really execute the decisions that are made. You are the only one that can change yourself. Self-reflection and a desire to improve is crucial. By adopting the COD mindset, you can better influence others in a positive way.

Mindset and culture grow as people learn to work in a way that automatically leads to the desired state.

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