This is how you can plan and prepare to run a proactive follow up in the COD Mode. Follow the funnel on the right side from top to bottom:

  1. You start the session with an Icebreaker.
  2. Ask the person you have invited to your follow-up session to sketch, write and tell his / her view of the overall business situation and strategy.
  3. Ask the person to explain the translated / adapted vision / strategy which his unit will utilize for guidance of their development. Find out how the process to adapt the strategy was run.
  4. Ask the person to write / draw and explain the identified Gaps their department has chosen to cover.
  5. Ask the person to share the plan or roadmap to cover the Gaps.
  6. Ask for an overview of the action plans. Who does what, when, how, with support from whom etc.
  7. Move on to look at the KPIs. Choose the perspective of checking if the above roadmap, plans and actions are suitable to improve the KPIs. If necessary, go back to plan and complete with additional / other steps.