Team One

This is your support and platform to establish a professional Management Team Process in all teams. Based on mastering the COD ways of working, you and your teams get support to:

  1. Adapt your development roadmap arrow to the overall company strategy.
  2. A relevant meeting structure for operational and strategic planning and execution is commonly decided.
  3. Standard agendas and decision documentation are introduced and established.
  4. Coaching for individual development of all teams members is scheduled and prepared.
  5. Trust, openess, cohesion is expanded and mutual expectations are clarified into a common agreement.
  6. Internal and external interfaces are identified and development plans developed and agreed to improved collaboration with other parties.

Team One is a two-days practical workshop with the purpose to upgrade management team’s work. All leaders in your team have attended the COD-training and Team One now aims at creating a hands-on platform for involving ways of working.

It is obvious that leaders in almost all Companies or Teams share the view that more attention and support is needed to:

  • Collaborate better cross-functionally
  • Increase focus on making decisions
  • Free up time for leadership
  • Develop ability of individual coaching

This of course is the purpose of Team One.

The concept of Team One looks consists of following parts.

  1. During the workshop your team will be supported to develop their own strategic direction. Based on the overall strategy the following step in the process sets the platform for the team’s decisions about the prioritized areas which are most important to start working with. This roadmap is done with the format of the COD Arrow, addressing both, the team’s future behaviors and concrete actions.
  2. As precondition for execution of strategic decisions and a more proactive approach of handling operational challenges, the teams will also define and decide their strategic and operational meeting clocks.
  3. The meetings included in the clocks will be jointly processed with the aim of agreeing to efficient agendas. These will support setting a standard of decision making and execution focus, as well as orientation towards future development.
  4. Individual development coaching will be the key to giving support to all co-workers in their own development. During the workshop it will be clarified how this individual coaching should be delivered to all team members.
  5. Then you and your team will be guided into deeper discussions and decisions around the softer ingredients of becoming a successful team. We will jointly address trust, transparency and how to create a stronger team spirit. Also, there will be a mutual clarification of expectations in the team, creating a reliable contract.
  6. Preparing the teams future path of successful development also requires addressing internal and external interfaces. Your team will identify gaps at the most important selected interfaces and set up a plan to close these gaps.

All steps and decisions will be documented as the standard for the way of working in the team. The Team One standard is of course suitable and beneficial to be applied in your team members teams. A consequence of establishing a standardized way of working for management teams is that business reviews now offer the opportunity to follow-up both, business and leadership. This offers the opportunity to connect them and support both aspects of high performing management teams.