To get a deeper understanding of what the COD Concept can do for you and your company we recommend to read our book.
Thereby you will also get an insight in what our delivery contains.

COD – the book

For many years the leaders we have educated have complained about the fact that we have not written a book, which they could use for support. Core Of Development offers something different to the reality most leaders in the world are used to. They wanted a possibility to explain the concept of systematic leadership to their colleagues or managers.

This book is mainly written for those of you who are leaders, regardless of position and company size. You can read it from cover to cover, use it as an encyclopaedia, or for rehearsing the suggestions we present. Sometimes, it might be necessary to read certain sections more than once in order to see the context. To facilitate, we have put together a concise summary after each section. In our job as consultants over the years, we have worked in hundreds of development processes in a dozen large and medium-sized companies, which has been a fantastic opportunity to build experience in what we do. The fact that we, in these processes, have had the honour of working with leaders from around fifty countries means that we know our onions. We have learnt the most when we have had meetings and training sessions with our customers.



To get deeper insight you can now also listen to our COD audio book here.