Why Should You Invest a Couple of Hours of Your Valuable Time?

Maybe you have realised that giving orders, or driving your co-workers using different key performance indicators – KPIs–does not work particularly well any longer. You have probably already investigated, but not found, a reliable alternative for yourself and your colleagues in the company; a clear and practical work method that could increase the speed of development in your corporation. This book offers you a highly efficient and powerful concept for leading people in a new and modern way. It involves solid strategic work in all teams that is focused on execution, while at the same time creating a culture characterised by cooperation, proactivity, and taking responsibility. Does this sound bombastic? Give yourself a couple of hours and follow us through this book. What you get is a credible way of accelerating your own development as well as your unit’s development.

We give an alternative that is practical, concrete, and business driven, far from the usual template for leadership development. We do not recognize ourselves in life coaching, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, sensitivity training, and such like, or to the standard programs that are rolled out and that are built on widespread charts and analyses, “the difficult conversation”, team development, conflict management, etc. Our suggestions don’t suit people who base their type of leadership training on tests, processes, numbers, targets, and control, in order to get people to do what you want them to do.

The COD Concept

The COD Concept aims at creating a company culture and way of working for robust and solution oriented structures, allowing to get the maximum use of everyones competences and commitment.  It is based on three strong tools or processes: one for meetings, one for individual coachings and one to secure the preconditions for execution of decisions.


An excerpt from the book

The Key is Acceptance. It is even the case that if you can make sure that the acceptance is satisfactory, the result is better even if the solution is not completely high-class. It is better to have a team that wants to implement a fairly adequate solution, than having a high-class solution that the co-workers, in the team, lack the will and commitment to implement. If human development moves forward step by step, the most important thing is to produce movement. The quality of the suggestions brought forward will be improved as the process gathers momentum.