The core is that leadership is the backbone of all operational and development oriented work. Leadership built on dictating orders or challenging with higher objectives offers an after due-date solution. People need to understand the gaps and the ideas to close them and they need to be involved to find the solutions impacting their own business environment. A new leadership has to secure a practical, structured and inclusive way of working, where predefined solutions are replaced by important questions to be answered.

Together with a strategy and well thought out process to implement it, it is obvious that the culture will be shaped according to the pedagogy the leadership and strategy process stand for.

A strategy is, by definition, proactive and normally aim to stimulate the co-workers to solve their future responsibilities in a new way. The better acceptance and solution the co-worker can get, the faster the desired change. The most powerful way the guarantee that is involving the co-workers in the actual decision-making process, instead being pushed to execute what the management struggle to explain.

The COD concept is an easy-to-use and efficient leadership mind-set built on three structured tools or processes; one for meetings, one for individual conversations, and one for an infrastructure securing decisions to be implemented. This need leadership training, where together with a strategy analysis, these work processes are trained in the real business case.