Our customers in the highly complex environment are facing the challenge of creating acceptance, commitment and execution of global strategies, processes and best practices.




Generating growth by merging forces into a common identity and culture speeds up development of local and global entities.



Replication of best practise
is the key for many of our
industrial customers.




Service Industry

Strong self driven local units supported by balanced levels of standardisation and professional central support ensure movement in the desired direction. 




Connecting people´s future habits and lifestyles with edge technology requires all parts of the organisation to be open minded in a pro-active learning process.

Our services


Core Of Development represents a highly efficient and powerful concept for leading people in a new and modern way.

It is based on a solid strategic work that is focused on implementation in all teams, while at the same time creating a culture characterised by cooperation, proactivity and responsibility. Core Of Development offers an alternative that is pragmatic, concrete and business driven.


Experience from working in more than 50 countries
Base in Germany & Sweden
Skills Strategy execution, Leadership training, Culture change
Book Leadership, Strategy and Culture – how to accelerate development


  • Custom-made to adapt to the clients existing processes
  • Strategy execution support from concept to practical implementation
  • Management training – same core adapted to all levels
  • Culture change support
  • Sales Training for added value and market share growth
  • Facilitation of solutions for crucial topics
  • All steps and material are customer branded
  • Measurement and feedback tools to evaluate progress
  • Support to secure post merge integration in M & A


  • Of working with companies and managers in more than 50 countries
  • Truly global experienced consultants
  • 20 years of Robotic business, Customers – System Integrators – OEM
  • Designed programs for companies >10.000 employees
  • Average Evaluation of program quality: > 90%
  • Missions in English, German, Swedish, and Spanish
  • Deliveries of services in both all vertical and horizontal layers
  • KAM trainings in global companies
  • Matrix organization support

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