In social media, you find many articles about leadership;

  • Top advices on how you should be to succeed as leader
  • Test and questionnaires – what type of leader you are
  • How to build innovative teams
  • Skills you have to master as a leader
  • The secrets of successful leadership…

…the list can go on for days…

What we see when we work with leaders in different countries and cultures is that the key to good results can be made much simpler. My definition of good results is when your team continuously work on strategic improvements to meet future challenges and adaptions to customer/market demands.

We experience that the key is more of a leadership process, rather than individual personality skills.

Seven steps to get good results in a team:

  1. The leader(s) have a company strategy that is clear and understood by all

When all know “Why” and understand the future gaps, creativity from all can be used

  1. Teams have an adapted strategic roadmap

All teams have different pre-conditions that needs to be taken into consideration when working with company strategy execution

  1. Strategy work is scheduled long term…and never down-prioritized

If the leader does not prioritize strategic work, who will?

  1. Co-workers are involved in finding & executing solutions

Inviting all to participate and asking them to contribute with solutions will increase the acceptance of the solution

  1. KPIs are used to evaluate team progress, not as challenging targets

Targets do not guide what to do and might lack acceptance. But we need to measure to see that decided solutions gives the effect we hoped for

  1. End-less discussions without results are replaced by focus on execution

Focus on what you commonly agree on in order to get speed in execution. Meeting rules, meeting rules & meeting rules.

  1. Individuals are coached

Help people grow and support them finding their own solutions and action plans.

If you agree that this list could serve as a basis for getting good results as a leader, it is positive news. Why?

These seven steps can be seen as a process with supporting tools, of course with a portion of mindset change. It is a lot easier to settle a leadership process than trying to improve a long list of personality skills on each individual leader.


What not to do

If you turn it the other way around, this is what to do if you don’t want to get good results as a leader:

  1. Strategy does not exist, not understood, or not known by all
  2. No plan for strategy work, operational topics eats up all working hours
  3. Strategic meetings are cancelled in favor of fire-fighting operational topics
  4. Co-workers are not involved in finding & executing solutions
  5. KPIs are used as targets to challenge individuals
  6. A typical meeting consists of discussions without any clear outcome
  7. You give orders

How often do you meet managers that apply some of these leadership approaches?

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