I have seen many solution proposals that, after weeks of hard preparation work, are completely discredited after ten minutes when presented in front of a group of co-workers. This is probably not very fair, but it happens again and again. There is most probably nothing wrong with the proposals, they are often done with high quality.

So why does this happen? 

A good result is not only dependent by a good solution. It is just as important to work with the acceptance of a solution.

Solution x Acceptance = Result

Human beings have an easier time accepting proposals that come from themselves. Therefore, instead of trying to change human behavior, it is important to design a process that involves co-workers in contributing to the solutions.

A perfect solution without any acceptance will not give any satisfactory results. So maybe then it is better to expect a fairly good solution that a team accepts. Acceptance gives movement and progress.


What would you prefer next time you want to propose a new solution to your co-workers?